The 5 Best 4K Projectors in 2020 – By Experts

4k Projectors are becoming more popular by the day. A lot of people are buying them to start their home theaters and enjoy a cinema size home screen. The projectors have an impressive resolution, and you end up with a clear and sharp image with bright colors as well.

Since you will find a variety of 4K projectors in the market, we decided to make you this buying guide and tell you all about the best 4K projectors that you should choose from to get a better experience.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into things

List of the Best 4K Projectors: 

  • ViewSonic PX747 – Best Budget 4K projector
  • BenQ True 4K HDR Pro – Best Affordable 4K projector for Home Theater
  • Optoma UHD60 True 4K – Best High-Quality Projector for Home Theater
  • BenQ TK800 4K – Best 3D 4K Projector
  • Epson Home Cinema 5050UB – Best 4K Projector for Gaming

Our Top Picks:

ProjectorBrightnessResolutionContrast RatioThrow RatioDisplay Type
ViewSonic PX7473500 lumens3840 x 216012,000:11.47 :1 – 1.76 : 1DLP
BenQ TK8503000 lumens3840 x 2160 30,000:11.13 – 1.47DLP
Optoma UHD603000 lumens3480 X 21601, 000,000:11.39 : 2 – 2.22 : 1DLP
BenQ TK8003000 lumens3840 x 216010, 000:11.47 : 1 – 1.76 : 1DLP
Epson  5050UB2600 lumens1920 x 1080 / 4K with pixel shifting1,000,000:11.35 : 1 – 2.84 : 1LCD

The 5 Best 4K Projectors in 2020 

1. ViewSonic 4K Projector PX747-4k – Best Budget Projector

ViewSonic PX747

Out of the box, the ViewSonic PX747 has the lowest price of all the projectors on our list. It looks exactly like the PX727 and has so much in common. Perhaps the only difference between the two projectors is the color wheels, which makes the PX747 brighter than the PX727.

It is much smaller than the other 4K projectors. It has an attractive design with an IR sensor on the front, together with a gold ring around the lens.

On the top, you will find the different key buttons beside the power button and another IR sensor. The bottom has two adjustable feet to help you place the Projector. On the back, you can find all the jacks, including two audio jacks (input and output), two HDMI1 ports, a mini USB port, a full-size USB port, RS-232 port, and a 12V trigger.

The one thing that makes this Projector stand out between other 4K projectors is that it can produce 3500 lumens, which makes it on top of the list of the brightest 4K projectors.

The image produced by this Projector is sharp and clear. The focus is perfect and spreads evenly over the screen. The images can be produced in three different modes including, standard, bright, and movie mode.

One thing that you will notice, especially when you are using the Projector in a dark room, is that the colors are oversaturated. This won’t be much of an issue when you are using the Projector in a bright room; on the contrary, it makes the image pop out even more, which makes it brighter and resistant to ambient light.

Gaming on this Projector works really well, especially for those who like games with bright colors. It has an input lag that’s under 50 ms, which makes it a suitable projector for average gamers, but sadly, it is not fast enough for hardcore gamers.

The speakers of the Projector are pretty decent, but the fan is too loud, although there’s a silent mode that can help you keep the fan quiet.

What we like:

  • Bright colors
  • Good speakers
  • Affordable

What we don’t like

  • Colors are oversaturated in dark rooms
  • Lacks 3D
  • Not suitable for hardcore gamers
  • Loud Fan

Final Verdict

The ViewSonic PX747 is a pretty decent 4K projector. It is affordable, it has a bright display, and the images are clear and sharp. Its capabilities far outweigh its minor flaws, and it’s a good value for your money.

2. BenQ True 4K HDR-PRO – Best Affordable Home Theater Projector

BenQ True 4K HDR Pro

BenQ has a variety of 4K projectors, and TK850 is one of their best. It is lightweight and easy to travel with. The design of all BenQ projectors is pretty much the same.

On the back of the Projector, you get an audio outlet, a 12V trigger, a USB port, two HDMI 2 ports, and others. On the top, you will find the power bottom and some keys in addition to a manual Focus.

The brightness is 3000 lumen, which is great for indoors and outdoors projecting. The images are sharp and close to the much more expensive 4K projectors. The Projector does a decent job in rooms with moderate ambient light like a living room or a gaming room. 

Out of the box, it comes in a sport mode which provides a good balance between brightness and color accuracy. However, you can adjust the Projector to have more accurate colors at the expense of the brightness. One thing that’s worth mentioning is that the black colors are improved from the previous BenQ models, which makes the image look significantly better.

Gaming isn’t the best on this Projector. You can occasionally play a game or two, but hardcore gamers will notice an input lag over 70 milliseconds.

The fan noise isn’t loud to the extent where it becomes disturbing yet; it would have been much better if it was silent. There are two built-in speakers; each is 5. They are surprisingly loud.

What we like:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Bright image
  • Speakers are loud
  • Affordable

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for gaming
  • Colors aren’t too accurate
  • The fan could be quieter

Final Verdict

BenQ TK850 is an excellent 4K projector for your home theater. It is made to be used in a room with moderate ambient light, and despite not being suitable for gamers, it provides a solid performance.

3. Optoma UHD60 4K Projector – Best High-Quality Projector for Home Theater

Optoma UHD60 True 4K

Out of the box, Optoma UHD60 is a big and heavy projector with a central lens, which makes it easier to align the image. On the right side, you will find a selection of control buttons that are usually found on the top of a projector. On the back, you will find two audio ports, two HDMI ports, USB 2.0 and USB-A port, VGA, RJ45, RS232C, and an MHL port.

The out of the box settings are really good with a bright image, and the colors are quite vibrant. The contrast ratio is high, and the overall display is sharp and clear, although, at this price, you would expect the black levels to be a little better. To have the best of the black colors, you will need to make sure that the dynamic mode is turned on.

The input lag is about 51 milliseconds, which is good enough for a casual gamer, but again, nothing that a hardcore gamer would settle for.

The fan of the Projector is almost silent, and it won’t be causing any distraction under any circumstances.

There are dual 4W built-in speakers, but they are rarely sufficient in a large room.

What we like:

  • User-friendly
  • Bright Image
  • Multiple Connectivity options

What we don’t like

  • Large
  • Not a gaming projector
  • The top panel isn’t of the best quality
  • Speakers are weak

Final Verdict

Optoma UHD60 is a mid-level projector. It is of a higher quality than the models mentioned above, so you should expect not to be as affordable. However, it is not an expensive projector either, but it is fancy enough to compliment your home theater.

4. BenQ TK800 – Best 3D 4K Projector

BenQ True 4K HDR Pro

BenQ TK800 is one of the best 4K projectors. It has the same features as the HT2550 that was released last year, except for the brightness and the color wheel.

The Projector has the same design all BenQ projectors have with the addition of a metallic faceplate. The upper side has all the buttons, and on the back, you will find all the ports, including audio, a PC port, HDMI 1 and 2, two USB ports mini and type- A and an RS-232 port and a 12V trigger.

The brightness is 3000, and it supports 3D movies. The Projector offers amazing colors with sharp and bright colors. Even though it uses pixels shifting, the sharpness of the screen meets all the 4K standards.

The colors aren’t the most accurate. Actually, the colors from last year’s HT2550 are more accurate; however, this is compensated by the high brightness, something that the previous model lacks. This means that this model is a better option if you want to use the Projector in a room with ambient light, to watch sports, or for gaming.

There are five different modes that you can set the display to, namely, Bright, Vivid TV, Cinema, Sports, and Football. The cinema mode has the most accurate colors, but it dams the light down quite a bit. The Football mode is the brightest, but you might notice some color oversaturation, so you will need to take them down a bit.

Casual gamers will have no issues with the Projector, yet it is not the best option for those primarily looking for a projector for gaming.

The speakers put out a good amount of sound for you to watch a YouTube video but not enough to watch an entire movie.

What we like:

  • Bright image
  • Supports 3D
  • Five different modes
  • Affordable

What we don’t like

  • Not good for gaming
  • Speakers could be enhanced

Final Verdict

BenQ TK800 is a great 4K projector for your home theater. It supports 3D, and with the five different display modes, you can be sure that you can set it to the colors you like.

5. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB – Best 4K Projector 4K Gaming

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

Epson did an outstanding job with this Projector starting from the design to the wide capabilities and different features.

The model is white in color with a central lens that has a built-in motorized lens cover that automatically opens and closes when you turn the Projector on and off. There isn’t much on the sides, except for a small door that covers some necessary buttons behind it. On the back, you will find some ports that include USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, a service, VGA Port, and a 12V trigger.

The Projector is one of the most versatile on the market as it allows huge vertical and horizontal adjustments.

It has a brightness of 2600, which is more than enough for a gaming room. Also, the black levels of the Projector are absolutely incredible, and the colors are beyond impressive.

Even though it’s only 2600 lumens, it is brighter than a lot of 3000 lumens projectors on the market. The sharpness is pretty decent, and you won’t be missing any details. Another place where Epson 5050UB shines is gaming. With less than 30 milliseconds input lag, it is one of the best gaming projectors you can find.

On the downside, the Projector is a bit noisy. This is something that you may not notice when you set the power consumption to low or medium, but once you set it to high, it becomes really loud.

The built-in speakers are okay yet; you will need to connect it to an external speaker system for a better experience.

What we like:

  • Attractive design
  • Bright colors
  • Multiple ports
  • Low input lag time
  • No rainbow effect

What we don’t like

  • Loud noise
  • A bit expensive

Final Verdict

Epson 5050UB is a great 4K projector for hardcore gamers. It might be a little more expensive than the other projectors on the list, but it is totally worth the money.

How to Pick a 4K projector

1. Projector Technology 

When it comes to projector technology, you will find yourself choosing between LCD and DLP.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Technology

The technology depends on three transparent LCD panels. One panel for red, one for green, and another for blue.

The panels allow the individual pixels to be turned on or off as the light passes through, which eventually produces the picture. One thing that LCD screens are known for is the “Screen Door Effect.” The effect causes fine lines that are projected with the image which are visible for some people. This makes the audience feel as if they’re looking at a large screen through a fine mesh.

Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology

This technology uses a digital micromirror device (DMD) that consists of minuscule mirrors that are set out in a matrix on a semiconductor chip.

The number of mirrors varies from one projector to the other. However, the greater the number of mirrors is, the better the resolution of the projector will be. The light that falls onto the mirrors is filtered through a color wheel that produces red, green, and blue color alterations for thousands of times a second. This produces the final image.

2. Brightness

The brightness of the projector is measured in ANSI lumens. Most of the projectors that you will come across do a decent in a dark room. If you are planning to use the projector away from ambient light, then 2600 lumens will be more than enough for you to get a good image. On the other hand, it is better if you go with at least 3000 lumens if you will be using the projector in ambient light.

3. Resolution

A lot of people fall under the false impression that a 4K projector has a native 4K resolution. This is not true, especially if you are looking for an affordable option. These projector scale the pictures using a chip. Considering the native resolution is important for viewing images and presentations.

4. Noise Level

The noise level is something that a lot of people don’t think about while buying the projector but suffer from later. For the majority of us, someone talking next to you for a couple of minutes while you are watching your favorite movie is pretty annoying. Imagine how it would be like to have a noisy projector that will last with you through the night. It just doesn’t sound right.

5. Connectivity Options

One of the most important things to check before buying any projector is how you will connect it to other devices. A lot of people would rather use a USB or their phones to the projector rather than connecting it to their PC. This way, they save some space. So before you decide you will be buying a specific projector, make sure it will be convenient for you to connect it to other devices.

6. Throw Ratio

The throw ratio is the distance between the projector and the screen. It is crucial to make sure that the projector will fit into the room that you will put in because some projectors have a long throw distance and can only be used in large rooms. On the other hand, a short-throw projector can fit into a small room without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are 4K Projectors Worth It?

Yes. A lot of people may think that a1080p projectors will just do the job, and while that is true, 4K projectors provide a one of a kind watching experience. However, there is so much to consider that will depend on the projector itself, meaning, some 1080p projectors are better than 4K projectors and vice versa.

Is a 4K Projector as Good as a 4K TV?

4K projectors can be as good as 4K TVs. The truth is, there is no one way to decide this; it depends on your personal preference.

In some aspects like the screen size and affordability, projectors are definitely better. Yet, when it comes to resolution, brightness, contrast, and sound, 4K TVs will do a much better job.

What is the Cheapest 4K Projector?

ViewSonic PX747 is the cheapest 4K projector you can find in 2020

Final Thoughts

Buying a 4K projector is now easy and affordable. The best option for your home theater is Optoma UHD60. However, ViewSonic 4K and BenQ TK850 are more affordable options. BenQ TK800 supports 3D projection, whereas Epson Home Cinema 5050UB is the best 4K projector for gaming.

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